The story behind a pocket of rocks

My love of hunting and collecting began in childhood, searching for rocks on my family's ranch. I would fill my pockets with them throughout the day, dump them out on the patio, and hose them off so that I could search for quartz and other sparkly rocks to add to my collection box. This began my obsession. My very first antique piece of jewelry was a gold and diamond baby ring that was worn on my pinky for years, purchased for me by my mother when I was 15. I wanted to emulate my aunt, who was the person who instilled in me the love of jewelry. After collecting jewelry for almost 35 years, I decided it was time to pass along some of that collection for others to enjoy and add to their story. I began selling via Instagram in 2014, featuring not only pieces that had been curated over 35yrs, but also bespoke pieces of my own design, incorporating many new treasures found along the way. As of January 2020, my daughter and resident “jewel thief”, decided to join me on this journey and with her, comes the addition of a website to showcase our current offerings. We look forward to this new endeavor. As always, we appreciate your business, and the friendships this business has brought through the years!